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how to clean your kitchen
Picture of by: Tanner Davis

by: Tanner Davis

Tanner is the co-owner of Davis Cleaning, located in Springfield, Missouri.

The Ultimate Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Are you ready to make the commitment and set up a regular cleaning routine for your kitchen? Well, here are some essential tips and tricks to get started. This checklist provides all the necessary items that will help keep your kitchen spotless, while also learning top-rated techniques to maintain its cleanliness. Make sure to follow this guide in order for your kitchen stay pristine!

Follow this Simple, Step-by-Step Guide to Get Your Kitchen Spotless in No Time!

Keeping your kitchen spotless is easy with a detailed cleaning checklist. Follow this step-by-step guide to make sure you don’t miss any essential maintenance tasks:

Daily Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

  1. Reorganize the table: Collect any items that don’t belong in your kitchen and find them a new home.
  2. Tackle the dishes: Unload your dishwasher and scrub away any hand-wash dishes that need washing.
  3. Wipe down surfaces: Spray countertops with all-purpose cleaner and polish them to a streak free shine using a clean washcloth.
  4. Scrub the sink basin: Fill up your sink with hot water, add some suds of dish soap, then drop in items for soaking.
  5. Take out the trash can: Empty it out, replace its liner if necessary – voila!
  6. Neaten up and return stray items: Move whatever doesn’t belong in the kitchen to where it should be located.
  7. Clean towels and dishcloths: Place dirty towels or dishcloths into the laundry machine for a thorough wash cycle.

Weekly Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

  1. Refresh the kitchen floor: Sweep and mop your kitchen floor to keep it clean, hygienic, and spotless.
  2. To keep your kitchen looking spick and span, make sure to wipe down the exteriors of your cabinets, drawers, cupboards, and pantry.
  3. Keep your oven spotless: Use an all-purpose cleaner and a soft cloth to remove any grime from the inside of your oven.
  4. Refresh your garbage can: Make sure you empty out the trash, then use a vacuum to suck away any food or dust particles that are lingering in it.
  5. Scrub down the dishwasher interior: Carefully inspect the interiors of both appliances for dirt and water deposits – wipe these away with ease!
  6. Restore woodwork’s natural glow with lemon oil & vinegar mix : Give wooden surfaces new life by cleaning them off using a combination of lemon oil and white vinegar solution as they work together beautifully leaving behind no residue at all!.
  7. Shine up large appliances on outside too!: Don’t forget about cleaning exteriors which means wiping down refrigerators, microwaves, etc; giving them a nice shine so not only do they look great but also stay clean longer!

Monthly Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

  1. Refresh the refrigerator: Clear out any expired products, mop up accidental messes, and organize everything else in its rightful spot.
  2. Make your oven sparkle: Apply an oven cleaner or concoct a DIY solution with baking soda and white vinegar to make it gleam from top to bottom!
  3. Detoxify small appliances & kitchen gadgets: Disassemble all of your small kitchen items and clean each component carefully for optimal hygiene.
  4. Wipe the walls and ceiling: Utilize a moist cloth with all-purpose cleaner to cleanse any blemishes on your walls and ceiling.
  5. Sterilize: Disinfect surfaces in order to stop bacteria from multiplying rapidly within your kitchen space.
  6. Mop diligently : Sweep then mop the floors more cautiously than usual for optimal results .
  7. Vacuum crevices: Get into each corner of the room, including behind appliances, by vacuuming out any hidden spots or cracks where dust can accumulate over time.

Annually Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

  1. Scrub the sink: Utilize a heavy-duty cleaner to remove persistent stains from your sink.
  2. Inspect and clean out the cabinets: Take time to check inside of all cupboards and drawers for dirt, dust or broken parts that need to be repaired or thrown away.
  3. Clean the vent hood: Don’t forget about cleaning both sides of your vent hood in order to prevent grease build-up .
  4. Clean behind and under appliances: Move all appliances aside so you can vacuum and mop any leftovers underneath them as well as around other areas towards back walls which are hard to reach otherwise..
  5. Wash windows & window treatments : Use mild detergent on windows plus drapery rods will leave everything sparklingly fresh!
  6. Scrub your fridge from top to bottom: Detach the door and use a harsh detergent to clean all surfaces. Afterward, buff everything down with an appropriate cleaning agent then put each item back in its place on the shelves.
  7. Check and tidy up your stove: Lift the lid of your range-hood and look for any warning signs of corrosion or fire. Ensure that it’s functioning correctly by testing out each burner for equal heat distribution across them all, before wiping down both inside walls and lid with an effective multi-purpose cleaner .
  8. Freshen the shelves: Dispose of any stale food products and wipe down every shelf in your refrigerator. Return all items to their rightful place on the shelves afterwards.
  9. Purify under-the-sink cabinets: Carefully open the cabinet beneath your sink, take out all cleaning supplies, scrub surfaces with a heavy duty cleaner, and reinstate everything back into its respective spot after finished cleansing it.
  10. Shine up floors: Give your kitchen flooring an extra sparkle by mopping them more thoroughly than normal!
  11. Scrutinize stovetop grates: Uncover the top layer of your stove – be sure to spray some multipurpose solution inside for maximum sanitation – before putting it back together once complete!

Following this comprehensive checklist of tried-and-true strategies for kitchen cleanliness will ensure that your cooking area remains spotless. Too busy? No worries! Give us a call and we’ll take care of everything, while you enjoy the peace of mind knowing your kitchen is in tip-top shape.

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