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Nixa, Missouri

Nixa traces its origins back to the mid-1800s with the movement of farmers and traders into this fertile soil region of Southwest Missouri. The first settlers were farmers who chose to locate their homes along the wooded streams in the vicinity of present day Nixa. The growing community quickly became known as a stopover or crossroads site, as the community was a half-day ride with a team of horses from Springfield. It became a convenient stopping point for teamsters hauling supplies from Arkansas to Springfield and for those traveling to the lower James River and Arkansas.

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How Nixa got it's name

One of Nixa’s early civic leaders was Nicholas A. Inman, a blacksmith who moved from Tennessee in 1852. Inman established a partnership with Joe Weaver and opened a blacksmith shop in Ozark. Inman’s family home site of 160 acres adjoins the present day corporate boundaries of Nixa.

As the community continued to grow and new settlers and businesses opened in this “crossroads” site, a post office was opened. At a town meeting held to select a name for the community and post office, it was suggested that the town be named after Inman because of his years of service to the community. Another suggestion that “nix” best described the community, as it was “nothing but a crossroads” (Collins, 1989). An “a”, Inman’s middle initial, was added to “nix”, arriving at the community’s name — Nixa. Nixa officially incorporated as a village on June 10, 1902.

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Frequently asked questions about Nixa, Missouri

The town’s most well-known event is Nixa Sucker Days Music, Arts and Crafts Festival set for May 19-22. This event started as a fish fry in 1957, with suckers provided by anglers who snagged them from local rivers and streams

Nixa traces its origins back to the mid-1800s with the movement of farmers and traders into this fertile soil region of Southwest Missouri.

Named one of the “Best Places to Live in America” by Time Magazine and one of Money Magazine’s “7 Best Places to Retire Right Now” in 2017, Nixa is perfectly situated among regional attractions and recreational opportunities in both the Springfield and Branson areas.

Near the end of The Bourne Supremacy, Matt Damon’s amnesiac-superspy character, Jason Bourne, learns that his real name is David Webb and that he was born in Nixa, Missouri.

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Top places to visit in Nixa, Missouri

McCauley Park

McCauley Park is a 40-acre park located off North St. and Taylor Way. Park amenities include The X Center, the Aquatics Center, playground, pavilion, soccer fields, 18-hole Disc Golf Course, walking rail (6/10 of a mile), and seasonal restrooms.

Century Lanes

Century Lanes is a 20 lane bowling center that is equipped with an arcade, pool tables, a pro shop, and the Lucky Strike Bar & Grill! Family Friendly fun.

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